Learn how to achieve a happier and healthier game development process by connecting the creative aspects of game design with techniques for effective project management.

Award-winning game designer Richard Lemarchand (Uncharted series) shares lessons he’s learned over the course of his 20+ year career creating videogames. This book covers the videogame production process from start to finish, giving the reader strategies to plan appropriately and avoid the uncontrolled overwork known as “crunch”.

With a foreword by Amy Hennig.


“Lemarchand brilliantly lays out an alternative to the crunch and chaos so common in game development today. A must-read!”

MARK CERNY, Lead Architect of PlayStation 4 and 5

“By focusing on the creative experience and the joy of making things collaboratively as a team, Lemarchand shows his readers how to survive in the game industry and come out with your creativity and inspiration intact!”

TIM SCHAFER, Studio Head, Double Fine Productions

“Lemarchand fuses the best of AAA game development practices with innovative, inclusive, and human-centered approaches from academia, art, and indie games. The result is as close as I’ve seen to the elusive ‘best practices’ for game development.”

TRACY FULLERTON, Director, USC Game Innovation Lab