Talks & Articles

Selected Talks

Keynote: How to Build a Healthy, Happy Game
Freeplay Independent Game Festival 2019
Melbourne, Australia, 12th May 2019

GDC Microtalks 2019: Lightning Fast Game Design
GDC 2019

How to Build a Healthy, Happy Game
Ludicious Zürich Game Festival 2019
Zürich, Switzerland, 1st February 2019

GDC Microtalks 2018: Playing with 🔥
GDC 2018

Well-Played: Walden, a game
Games for Change 2017
New York, USA – 1st August 2017

The Problem of Crunch (and How to Fix It)
IT University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark, 8th June 2017

Games Insight: The Problem of Crunch (and How to Fix It)
Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, Scotland, 6th June 2017

GDC Microtalks 2017: Playing with Our Hearts
GDC 2017

Game-Designing the Game Design Class
Gamelab Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay, 13th December 2017

Game-Designing the Game Design Class
Meaningful Play, Lansing, Michigan, 20th November 2017

The Private Lives of Games – Empathy, Intimacy and Taboo
Gotland Game Conference, Uppsala University, Visby, Sweden, 23rd May 2016

The Private Lives of Games – Empathy, Intimacy and Taboo
Nordic Game Indie Day, Malmö, Sweden, 20th May 2016

GDC Microtalks 2016: Everyone Loves to Play
GDC 2016

Sex, Love & Infinite Play
Lyst Summit 2015, Helsinki, Finland, 5th June 2015

Systems, Games & Balance
Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland, 20th May 2015

GDC Microtalks 2015: One Hour, Ten Speakers, Games and Play and Us
GDC 2015

Infinite Play
GDC 2015

Games and Players: Futures and Predictions
Dare ProtoPlay 2014, Dundee, Scotland

Games and Players: Futures and Predictions
Gamelab 2014, Barcelona, Spain

GDC Microtalks 2014: One Hour, Ten Talks, a Panoply of Game Thinking!
GDC 2014

AAA Academics: Superstar Designers in Academia
(with Brenda Romero and Warren Spector, moderated by Sam Roberts)
GDC 2014

Game Design Masterclass: Life of Play, Life of the Mind: What Game Design Can Teach Us
Glasgow Caledonian University, hosted by IGDA Scotland

Experiments in Play and the Impact of Games
woot 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark

Life of Play, Life of the Mind: What Game Design Can Teach Us
Nordic Game 2013

Humanity’s Last Game: The Game Design Challenge Final Championship
GDC 2013

GDC Microtalks 2013: One Hour, Ten Talks, A Bazillion Design Ideas
GDC 2013

Beyond the Dialogue: Perspectives on Industry and Academia
(with Jane Pinckard and Frank Lantz, moderated by Matthew Burns)
GDC 2013

Adventures in Game Design at Naughty Dog
Ecole Nationale du Jeu et des Medias Interactifs, 2013

Will Gaming Change the Way We Learn?
(with James Gee and Kaveri Subrahmanyam, moderated by Chris Dahlen)
Zócalo Public Square, 2012

Switching Gears
(with Chris Bell and Kjartan Emilsson, moderated by Katherine Isbister)
Practice 2012, NYU Game Center

Beyond Play – Game Change: Society and Culture
(with Colleen Macklin, Eric Zimmerman, Mary Flanagan & Tracy Fullerton)
Smithsonian American Art Museum, 2012

Attention, Not Immersion: Making Your Games Better with Psychology and Playtesting, the Uncharted Way
GDC 2012

GDC Microtalks 2012: One Hour Ten Voices Countless Ideas
GDC 2012

Upgrade Humanity in 60 Seconds Flat: The Game Design Challenge 2012
GDC 2012

Experimental Gameplay Sessions
GDC 2012

Richard Lemarchand
NYU Game Center Lecture Series, 2011

Finding the Way of Uncharted
Keynote at the Montreal International Game Summit 2011

BAFTA presents: Beauty and Risk: Emotion, Indie Games and Uncharted
GameCity 6

TV Dinner: Scenes from Uncharted
GameCity 6

Tale of Tales VS Naughty Dog
(with Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn)
GameCity 6

Beauty and Risk: Why I Love Indie Games
Keynote at IndieCade 2011

The Value of Experiential Gameplay
Playful 2011

“Games On”
Panel with Mari Baker and Peter Vesterbacka, moderated by Roy Bahat
Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conference 2011

GDC Microtalks 2011: One Hour, Ten Speakers, Hundreds of Fun New Ideas
GDC 2011

Richard Lemarchand
Wonderlab 2010

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves — Or How to Become a Hero
(with Drew Davidson)
Games, Learning and Society 6.0

G4C Minitalks: Anticipating the Charles Dickens of Videogames
PETLab Hosts An Indie Game Slam Evening
Games for Change 2010

Reconfiguring Entertainment
Transmedia Hollywood: S/Telling the Story, 2010
University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, in conjunction with the School of Cinematic Arts and UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television and Producers Program

Micro or Massive: It’s Fricking Tough to Achieve a Vision
(with Baiyon)
GDC 2010

GDC Microtalks 2010: Ten Speakers, 200 Slides, Limitless Ideas
GDC 2010

Among Friends – An Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Post-Mortem
GDC 2010

Naughty Dog: How to Fly By the Seat of Your Pants
DICE 2010

Keynote Panel Discussion
Art History of Games 2010

A Conversation about Art and Innovation
(with Ian Dallas)
IndieCade 2009

GDC Microtalks – One Hour, Ten Speakers, Unlimited Ideas
GDC 2009

Naughty Dog, The Making of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
Gnomon School of Visual Effects, 2009

Working Hard and Having Fun – How Naughty Dog Made Uncharted
Production Keynote at Develop 2008

Amazing Feats of Daring: An Uncharted Post-Mortem
(slides) (audio)
GDC 2008


Well Played: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
(with Drew Davidson)
Well Played 3.0: Video Games, Value and Meaning, 2011

Postmortem – Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Game Developer Magazine, March 2010

Postmortem – Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
(with Neil Druckmann)
Game Developer Magazine, April 2008

From Smart to Finish: Jak X: Combat Racing and the Naughty Dog Production Method
Game Developer Magazine, February 2006